About IndyaConnects

In a world of more than 196 countries, there is none as diverse as India. Life in India is a splash of millions of colours, a cacophony of a variety of sounds and a sensual mixture of splendid aromas. It is not only a country with regional and cultural diversities but also with religious diversities. The manner in which people from different religions live here with amity has enthralled the whole world for centuries. Home of the oldest and the most vibrant Civilizations known to man.
Its our small endeavour to connect rural India to urban India which is why we are IndyaConnects. Bringing the rarest of the rare, native specials right to your door step. Its our dream, vision, and passion that we do our part in bringing the same to your door steps.
IndyaConnects a name that breathes the passion of India, and synonymous with Indian culture, diversity, and specials. We are starting our journey from the cultural capital of India – Tamil Nadu, a state which has a history starting from the 15000 – 10000 BCE.

Join us in the journey, and we promise to take you through the wonderful journey called INDIA.

Made with Love from India