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I'm Siva from Hyderabad, ordered for "Udangudi Karuppati" through indyaconnects. Item was delivered promptly with a perfect packing, the quality of the item delivered was really good. I completely vouch indyaconnects to get these sort of traditional (area specific) items. Thanks, -Siva
Siva April 09, 2017
I bought Mountain Honey and found it to be pure and of excellent quality. Most of the commercial honey (predominantly used for kids and medicinal purposes) are adulterated and it is good to note that Indyaconnects sells pure unadulterated honey. Trust is very important, maintain selling pure. Keep up the good work and maintain purity always. best regards AR Augustine
Augustine Jesuraja April 09, 2017
To my pleasant surprise, I received my order 99872000000599, just now within two days in Bangalore. All the items are nicely packed. I tried Manjolai Tea and Kovilpatti kadalai mittai. They are superb!!! Thanks for your wonderful service. Parthiban Bangalore
Parthiban T April 09, 2017
I placed my order for uthukuli ghee, coconut burfi and kallidaikurichi rice appalam. The delivery was prompt and the packaging was perfect.Each products were packed seperately so that the products doesn't mess up with each other. About the quality and the taste, definitely five stars. I could feel the aroma of the ghee even when the outer carton is opened. The coconut burfi box got emptied in minutes by my kids. My personal favourite was the rice appalam which gives company for our lunch time. It is spicy and crispy and tasted awesome. Kudos to the start-up.
SARATHA September 08, 2016
I am Jayakumar from Bangalore. Today I have received the products of my first order including ‘Nannari Sarbath’ and a couple of other products. The packaging and delivery time are good. The products are of nice quality as well with very reasonable price. I would definitely recommend ‘indyaconnects’ to people who are really looking for traditional and natural products with good quality.
Jayakumar July 10, 2016
I love every product i buy from indya connect, they are authenic, tasty and fresh. one can buy their products blind folded. They offer best price compared to others in the market.
Chitra March 31, 2016
I brought vadagam from indya connects, on time delivery, good taste and fresh. It was just like our home made vadagam. I have placed my second order and will continue to buy.
deepa v March 26, 2016
Speciality of is getting the famous products from that native itself. like thirunelveli halwa, sattur karasev etc., and also traditional products we are getting it with nativity. thats how this website is unique. quality of products and quality of packing and promptness in delivery are awesome. keep up the good work guys. introduce more traditional products. thanks for your service.
Sivaraj Gunasekaran May 07, 2017
I ordered my Favourite snacks, sweets like Saattur sevu, Tirunelveli Halwa, Manapparai murukku.... I got those delivered within two days... Quality also so good... Thanks to your team. And please keep up the good work.
Kanagalakshmi January 18, 2016
I had placed my first order on 17/Dec/2015 and promptly received all the products in good condition on time. My family and I liked all your products for their good quality and authentic local flavor. I sincerely appreciate the great quality of all your products and prompt delivery and customer service rendered by you.
Murugiah Lakshmanan May 07, 2017