Thinai Biscuit

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Thinai Biscuit 150g is made from thinai flour(foxtail) is high in Iron content. It also controls blood sugar and cholesterol level.Good snack box filler and tea time companion.
Made with Country Jaggery
Weight : 150 gm

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Thinai Biscuit is made of Millet named Thinai Millet also names as  Foxtail Millet  / Navane Millet / Kangni millet  are high in Iron content and these millets are totally pest-free. It also controls blood sugar and cholesterol level. Unlike rice, foxtail millet releases glucose steadily without affecting the metabolism of the body. The incidence of diabetes is rare among the population which consumes foxtail millet diet. It is highly rich in anti-oxidation, which removes all the acidic elements away from the body. Foxtail millets are also high in dietary fiber, which aids in proper breakdown of food and complete digestion. 

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QuantityWeight : 150 Gram

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